Motorcycle airbags are finding their use on the road, shielding and displacing impacts from the rider in the event of a crash. For quite some time now, we’ve been fed airbag vests and jackets that cover your top half, but not your bottom half, until now with Mo’Cycle. 

About two years ago, we caught wind of the technology in its development phase. In 2021, a Swedish firm Airbag Inside Sweden AB announced that they were developing motorcycle jeans that used the traditional compressed air and tether tech for its airbags. The company has developed a brand called Mo’Cycle, that will sell and market the protective equipment to consumers. There was a brief stint where airbag shorts were advertised by Mo’Cycle, but it appears that the brand’s website doesn’t list the product anywhere, probably because it didn’t make a ton of sense. 

So about the product, the system is made to look like traditional and normal jeans, with a bit of bulk off to the side for the airbag’s CO2 cartridge and plunger mechanism. If you trip the tether, the jeans inflate like a traditional motorcycle airbag vest from the likes of Helite or Hit-Air. It’s also important to mention Helite because the mechanism and the airbag are actually produced by them, according to the infographics on Mo’Cycle’s website. The other companies that have teamed up with Mo’Cycle to produce their lineup of products include Knox, which provided knee protectors, and also Armalith, which makes the fabric of the jeans. 

With all of those companies coming together in Mo’Cycle’s products, Helite bags, Knox protectors, and strong Armalith fabric, you’re looking at a pair of riding jeans that will start at $649 USD a pair. Things get more expensive if you want a pair of jeans with water resistance and added abrasion resistance. The base model which starts at $649 USD, has a single A slide rating, but with all the aforementioned technologies and materials. For a hundred dollars more, you’ll get a double A slide rating along with water repellency. The $749 USD Melvin model features a tougher outer fabric that will also resist water, and also offer the same benefits in terms of knee protectors and all-around hip protection that the airbag technology offers. 

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Combing the rest of the site, there is an over $1,000 USD suit that you can purchase from Mo’Cycle which includes the pants and the airbag vest for total coverage. The brand advertises that it looks like normal clothes when not engaged and that every new garment ordered comes with two CO2 cartridges. A refill from them costs around twenty bucks at check out and the products are also advertised to be reusable after a crash. How many crashes the material can withstand is not made totally clear, and Mo’Cycle hasn’t made a recommendation regarding this, so it’s likely that product reusability will be on a case-to-case basis. 

Still, it’s about time that some company or brand came out with a product like this. For the more safety-conscious rider, it’s good to see that there’s finally a solution out there to cover up your legs and not just your torso in the event of a motorcycle crash. Check out Mo’Cycle’s website if you’re curious. As per my last check, they also do worldwide shipping. 

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