When Spain-based electric mobility brand Stark Future introduced its Varg model in December, 2021, the electric dirt bike seemed too good to be true. With 80 horsepower and 938 Newton-meters (691.8 pound-feet) of torque launching the 110-kilogram (242.5-pound) off doubles, it’s easy to see why skeptics approached the e-moto unicorn with caution.

Stark Future set out to silence the naysayers by inviting professional rider’s and the moto media to test the Varg in June, 2022. The praise was unanimous. Even the most ardent off-road riders applauded the e-motocrosser. Stark couldn’t capitalize on those accolades immediately, however, without units readily available to ship. That all changed on April 26, 2023, when the company announced shipping its first batch of Stark Varg’s (to customers that pre-ordered units in December, 2021).

“I would like to say a big thank you to all customers who were inspired by the idea of outperforming existing technology and trusted us with their orders. We have been working extremely hard to bring the Varg into production,” acknowledged Stark Future Found and CEO Anton Wass. “Congratulations to the Stark team on this incredible milestone. Developing a high-performance electric vehicle from the ground up is no joke. And setting up mass production is not an easier task. But we did it!”

The e-mobility startup undoubtedly benefited from new investments by Eicher Motors, Royal Enfield’s parent company. In December, 2022, the Indian corporation purchased an equity stake in Stark Future to the tune of €50M (~$55.2M USD). That investment accounted for a 10.35-percent stake in the emerging OEM, and secured Eicher Motors a seat on Stark’s board of directors.

The company’s support in the startup’s “industrialization process” and “market entry” helped Stark make it to this monumental moment. It doesn’t look like the budding brand is wasting those resources either.

“This will be a turning point for the motorcycle industry and we hope that customers around the world are as excited to receive their bikes as we are to build and deliver them,” added Wass. “We are now working hard to scale production, in order for everyone to receive their Varg as soon as possible. It is now time to ride!”

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