Now more than ever, EVs are reshaping the mobility sector in ways we never thought possible. Although still in its infancy, the electric motorcycle market has already brought forth countless models intended for all sorts of riding, from manufacturers big and small. BMW Motorrad has made it clear for a few years now, that it was taking its electric powertrain very seriously, and we say that come into fruition with the launch of the CE 04. 

The BMW CE 04 is designed primarily with urban mobility in mind. As such, BMW Motorrad thought it fit the bike's persona to showcase how versatile the bike can be when it comes to being a practical runabout. The way it did this is rather interesting, and in a way, demonstrates that the CE 04 can transcend the confines of the urban setting. 

Check Out This Custom BMW CE 04 In Collaboration With Vagabund

The BMW CE 04 in question is a custom-built motorbike that was developed by BMW Motorrad Austria and the Austrian motorcycle expert Vagabund. It exhibits fresh and cutting-edge multipurpose design elements. The most eye-catching addition to the vehicle is a special attachment that lets it tote a surfboard, illustrating its adaptability beyond conventional motorbike activities.

In an article by e-mobility publication Move Electric, Oliver Balzer, the head at BMW Motorrad Austria said, “The surfboard isn’t just a piece of sports equipment: it’s also a metaphor for a sustainable urban lifestyle. The BMW CE 04 Vagabund Moto Concept combines work, leisure and individual flair, demonstrating that there needs to be no contradiction between any of these areas.” While all this may seem rather abstract, it's clearly meant to showcase the versatility and adaptability of the CE 04. Indeed, as BMW's first venture into the world of electric two-wheelers, it could serve as the springboard for more electric models in the future.


With a new color palette of white, dark green, beige, and black, as well as the inclusion of a smiley face design on the front wheel hub and indicator lights, the custom electric scooter has undergone substantial stylistic alterations. These modifications give the scooter a distinctive look that distinguishes it from the standard BMW CE 04. The customized electric scooter still uses the same motor as the basic BMW CE 04 despite these cosmetic changes. It has an 8.5 kilowatt-hour battery and a 31 kilowatt (or roughly 42 horsepower) engine, giving it an official range of 81 miles.

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