Indian electric two-wheeler startup River has launched its newest model in the Indian market. Dubbed the Indie, the new electric scooter is clearly targeted at the premium segment, and brings quite a lot of features to the table. In terms of specs alone, it’s clearly a step above other entry-level electric scooters on the market. Let’s take a closer look.

Right off the bat, River has some hefty claims for the Indie. Describing it as the SUV of the electric scooter world means that the Indie should be quite the versatile machine. Indeed, River has constructed the Indie with practicality in mind. In total, it has 55 liters of storage space—12 of which are in the front glove compartment, while 43 liters od storage can be accessed under the saddle. Furthermore, the scooter has a flat floorboard allowing you to stow your bags in between your legs. River has thoughtfully added foot rests up front, in case you floorboards are occupied by luggage.

Indian EV Firm River Presents The New Indie Electric Scooter
Indian EV Firm River Presents The New Indie Electric Scooter

In terms of performance, the River Indie electric scooter relies on an electric motor with an output of 6.7 kilowatts—translating to about nine horsepower. The motor is powered by a large battery pack with a 4-kilowatt-hour capacity. River claims a range of about 120 kilometers, or 75 miles, on a single charge, while top speed is set at 90 kilometers per hour (56 miles per hour). It’s worth noting that the scooter takes quite a bit of time to charge, with River claiming a zero to 80-percent charge time of around five hours.

One of the most striking features of the River Indie is undoubtedly its styling. It detracts from the futuristic, angular styling of other electric scooters, and instead opts for a rugged, boxy design, giving it the illusion of size—true to the River’s ethos of designing it as the SUV of the electric scooter world. The square-shaped LED headlights certainly give the bike a distinctive look, while the built-in crash guards and the functional pannier racks give it an adventurous air. Meanwhile, out back, the scooter also gets a boxy LED taillight.

As for technology, the scooter is equipped with a full-color TFT display, and two USB charging ports as standard. There’s also a convenient reverse parking assist feature for easy maneuverability in tight parking spaces. Overall, the River Indie commands a premium yet attractive price tag, especially if you consider the assortment of features it brings to the table. For now, the scooter is available for pre-order in Bengaluru, and it retails for Rs 1,25,000, which translates to about $1,513 USD. It’s expected to become available in other parts of India in the coming weeks.

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