It’s February, 2023, and after a short break, Itchy Boots is back on the road again! It’s a bit of a tradition with her YouTube channel to build suspense about where her next destination will be, and the new journey was no exception. When we last left off, she had just overhauled Alaska, her trusty Honda CRF300L Rally, and installed a few key upgrades before packing the bike away into a shipping container to go overseas. 

The big mystery, of course, was where both Alaska and Noraly (that’s Itchy Boots) would be headed next. After spending the past few years traversing from the southern tip of South America up to Alaska, it was clearly time to try a different land mass—but which one? Don’t worry, all is revealed as this video unfolds. 

When it begins, Noraly is in Spain, on her way to retrieve Alaska from the shipping facility where the bike has finally arrived after spending months at sea. After checking her over and seeing that she’s in good shape, it’s time to head to the extremely confusing ferry facility to start the next journey.  

Where are they headed? Itchy Boots and Alaska take off for Morocco, where they plan to visit a number of countries throughout the entire African continent. In previous videos, we’ve seen Noraly visit South Africa before—and she also says that at one time, she was briefly in Morocco for something to do with a previous employer she had. However, this is the first time that she’ll be able to take her time and ride through at her own pace since she’s now her own boss and making these videos is part of her job. Thus, she plans to enjoy every minute of it. 

If you watched any parts of her previous journey, you already know that the Honda CRF300L Rally is more than up to almost any task you can throw at it. This is the first video where we’ve gotten to hear a bit more of the upgraded Arrow exhaust that she installed at the end of her previous journey, before shipping Alaska off to Spain, and it sounds quite nice. The new mirrors appear to offer a good deal more visibility than the previous ones that got beat up by the end of the last journey, so hopefully they’ll continue to work well for many thousand more kilometers before they, too, have to be replaced.  

Here’s to an amazing journey, and all the new experiences she’ll be sharing on her YouTube channel along the way. 

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