Here’s a hopeless case that was turned into a working and running bike. This Yamaha YZF-600R Thundercat has seen better days. The motor had a hole punched into it, a connecting rod sticking out, and the exhaust that was just hanging out. 

It seemed like the bike was a lost cause. Even Motocraft stated that the “bike was in such bad condition that there was no point in repairing it, a broken connecting rod, a cracked head, a torn engine block,” were the major problems that were mentioned. “Only the gearbox and clutch could be used again,” he added. 

The Yamaha had been in an accident, and exposure to the elements resulted in a lot of dust, rust, and dirt, more work to be done. 

Spanning about 36 minutes long, the movie covers most of the major repairs and replacements made on the motorcycle. Even with such a lengthy video, Motocraft admits that he wasn’t able to cover every single repair on the sportbike as the video would have ended up being “too long and boring.” 

New parts for the engine were ordered, installed, and old parts were restored and polished. Once the heart of the Thundercat was assembled, it was then on to the exhaust system, wheels, and rear swingarm. 

Following the more important bits, a bit of TLC was in order for the seat, with a new cover measured, cut, and stapled onto the existing seat. This was the finishing touch on the entire project. 

If you look at the slideshow, you’ll see the night and day difference. Even the decals were refreshed as part of the restoration. The whole video concludes with a startup and test ride. If you’re doubtful about the bike’s ability to rip around, however, don’t worry, Motocraft added a few flyby clips to prove that the bike’s ready for its second life. 

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