There are tons of sights and sounds to take in whenever you travel in Japan, but instead of taking the train, just ride. Jeff In Japan has the right idea here with his video which premiered over half a year ago.

With easing travel restrictions and a waning pandemic, traveling to Japan couldn’t be more worth it. There are a ton of things to do and see in the Asian country, and instead of riding public transportation, it’s a totally cool experience to experience the roads and the sights that this country has to offer. 

Especially for us motorcyclists, traveling on two wheels should be a part of the trip. For starters, if you want to undertake your very own motorcycle adventure, then perhaps consider a rental company to contact and book with. Just my humble suggestion.

Anyway, the video details just some of the things that can be done in Japan such as visiting trade shows, if you time your trip right, and also visiting the factories of your favorite brands. The Tokyo Motorcycle Show, at least the 2022 edition of it, was held back on the weekend of March 25 to 27. 

The video opens up with a brief rundown of the show’s attractions, with the highlight reel eventually focusing on the Kawasaki Meguro K3, the successor to the long hibernating K2 nameplate made popular back in 1962. The Meguro K3 may have a lot of the bones of the W series from Kawasaki, but it has a number of special touches like the hand-painted badging. Other than that, it’s a W800 with some devilishly handsome character. 

Kawasaki’s Meguro looks special, and the model was even stated to capture the attention of several passers-by. 

Then we head into the tour section of the trip. Jeff took the Meguro to a number of places around Tokyo, all while tying everything together with history lessons on the bike, its origin, and the places he visited. 

Perhaps by watching this video, you can try taking a trip to Japan for yourself. Just looking at the video, you will note that the roads look gorgeous, the scenery is picturesque, and the country is lovely.

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