In addition to the ongoing health threat, the COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on industries around the globe. Within the motorcycling world, that includes transport difficulties, resource shortages, and inflation woes. Despite those supply chain pitfalls, enthusiasts continued to flock to showrooms.

Halfway through 2022, customers made it evident that the COVID-fueled sales spike had carried its momentum into the new year. At that time, the United Kingdom posted an 11.1-percent jump in sales (compared to H1 2022). Italy wasn’t so fortunate, however, reporting a modest 1.8-percent decline during the same period.

Those lackluster numbers didn’t stop the Mediterranean nation from rallying in the second half of the year, though. Through November, 2022, Italy recorded the most significant improvement over 2021 figures with an 8.5-percent uptick in sales. France followed close behind with 7.6-percent growth while Germany rounded out the top three with a 5.3-percent surge. Spain rose by 4.1 percent and the U.K. upped its totals by 3.2 percent, but the market in the Netherlands contracted by 11.2 percent.

Among the OEMs, Aprilia outperformed its 2021 sales stats by 49.6 percent. The House of Noale racked up 33,264 sold units through the first 11 months of 2022. Behind Aprilia, Royal Enfield reported a 36.6-percent sales upswing while Chinese brand Zontes impressed with a 41.3-percent improvement.

Analysts also attributed part of the overall market growth to electric motorcycles and scooters. The EV scooter segment alone represented 11 percent of yearly sales while the category expanded at a rate of 38.4 percent. Those positive returns fueled the industry to an 11.6-percent sales spurt (on 87,966 units sold) in November, 2022. Within that time, manufacturers sold 1.49M units (+0.6 percent), which accounts for the highest level witnessed in 15 years.

The European motorcycle market may still have to contend with the aftermath of COVID-19, but customers continue to drive record-setting sales figures.

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