As motorcycle enthusiasts, we think it’s pretty much always cool to see what kinds of new bikes OEMs are working on and/or releasing whether they’re sold in our market or not. Now, of course, we wish we got a lot of bikes that we don’t, but for some bikes, we just have to content ourselves with admiring them from afar.  

In the past couple of years, Moto Morini has been one of those marques, with its X-Cape and Seimmezzo ranges making their way to a range of markets outside the U.S. Over the summer of 2022, Moto Morini began selling its machines in India—which makes total sense, as that’s a market that most OEMs would love to sell bikes in because there are so very many riders.  

It’s now December, 2022, and new U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration documents appear to show that Moto Morini is, in fact, on its way to selling its machines in the U.S. The company is currently registered in NHTSA’s Manufacturer’s Information Database (MID), with an entry that was last updated on December 7, 2022. Its official manufacturer name is listed as Zhejiang Morini Vehicle Co., Ltd., operating under Trade/Brand Names of Morini and Moto Morini. 

Moto Morini NHTSA Certificate

If you’re curious about the naming convention, Zhejiang is the name of the province in China where the company is based. More than that, though, it’s also a common naming convention among the many motor vehicle manufacturers based in Zhejiang that sell vehicles in the U.S., including Geely (listed as Geely Group Zhejiang Motorcycle Co., Ltd), which is the manufacturer of the Sondors Metacycle.  

Back to Moto Morini. Now that we know the brand is presumably coming to the U.S., do we know anything about what machines it’s bringing? Not every manufacturer that ends up in NHTSA’s MID always lists makes and models—but in this case, we do get a small bit of information to speculate upon. As of December, 2022, an MM650 and an MM750 are listed.  

It’s not specific model information—but it does strongly infer that 650cc and 750cc machines are on the way. That, in turn, makes it seem likely that X-Cape and Seimmezzo variants are coming. When can we expect to see them? Well, that remains to be seen—but as and when we have more information, we’ll be sure to keep you updated. 

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