It looks like motorists could face some strict penalties for overspeeding in Austria. The minister for Climate Protection, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation, and Technology, Leonore Gewessler, has publicly advanced the proposal to impose stricter penalties for motorists that excessively exceed speed limits. 

The story comes from ANSA, and was later picked up by The legislation has not yet passed, but could see enactment in the near future. 

Speed limits in Austrian cities are reported to be 50 kilometers per hour, or about 31 miles per hour, while the motorway limit in the country is stated to be 130 kilometers per hour or about 80 miles per hour. 

The country is getting even more serious about safety, stating that the rationale behind the more dire consequences is to discourage people from harming other innocent road users. Austria is rather strict about safety even with regard to wheelies which can land you a hefty fine. 

No distinction as to what type of vehicles will be affected has been made by the proposal, which means that motorcycles might as well be part of the equation. If the driver of the vehicle is proven guilty of speeding, the vehicle can become impounded for up to two weeks.

As for the particulars, the new legislation will consider how fast the driver was going in relation to the posted speed limit, with heavier consequences waiting for those that are well above the legal limit and for repeat offenders. The new legislation will add impounding and even the auctioning of vehicles on top of the increased suspension period introduced last year should it get passed. 

Motorists can face this penalty should they be caught speeding over 60 kilometers per hour (31 miles per hour) in the city, or over 70 kilometers per hour (about 43 miles per hour) on the motorway. In other words, up to 110 kilometers per hour in the city (about 68 miles per hour) and up to 200 kilometers per hour (about 124 miles per hour) on the motorway. 

Vehicle confiscation and sale by the state will be a consequence reserved for serious cases, specifically for instances where a repeat offender is going at least 80 kilometers per hour over the legal speed limit in the city (about 50 miles per hour over the legal limit), and about 90 kilometers per hour over on other roads (55 miles per hour over). 

Doing the math, going 130 kilometers per hour (80 miles per hour) inside the city or going 220 kilometers per hour (about 136 miles per hour) on motorways and other roads will get the vehicle impounded and sold. 

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