BMW has bestowed its flagship liter-class sportbike, the S 1000 RR, with some minor refinements for the 2023 model year. Already considered as one of the most potent players in the 1,000cc supersport game, it’s hard to imagine just how much better—in a practical sense—one could make the BMW S 1000 RR even better. Nevertheless, super sportbikes have always defied the conventions of practicality, and that’s why a lot of us love them.

The 2023 BMW S 1000 RR has already debuted in multiple markets, including the U.S., where it carries a starting price tag of $17,895. In India, the new superbike is set to hit the market in 2023, where it’ll have a starting price of Rs 2,025,000, which makes out to about $24,500 USD. As you move up the ladder, the Pro version retails for a steeper Rs 2,215,000, or about $26,800 USD, and the range-topping Pro M Sport variant fetches an eye-watering Rs 2,445,000, or approximately $29,584 USD. Naturally, bikes of this caliber are much more expensive in markets like India, where they’re heavily taxed, and the import costs are much higher.

2023 BMW S 1000 RR - M Tricolor - Right Side - Track

Nevertheless, a high asking price has never stopped India’s elite from splurging on exotic, extravagant, and in the S 1000 RR’s case, excessively powerful vehicles. So just to give you a recap of the refinements made to this razor-sharp sportbike, the 2023 model year will usher in subtle styling revisions, most of which designed to improve the bike’s aerodynamic capabilities. These improvements come in the form of a flatter front end and aggressive winglets which are exclusive to the M 1000 RR.

The 2023 S 1000 RR is also slightly more powerful than the outgoing version, with 206.5 horsepower on tap from the 999cc inline-four engine. Torque output remains unchanged at 113 Nm, or 79.1 lb-ft. Apart from increased power, however, the new S 1000 RR has also gotten smarter, with new functions added to its extensive list of electronic rider aids. Slide Control Function and Brake Slide Assist have been added for a sharper, yet ultimately safer riding experience. Last but not least, the new S 1000 RR features some adjustments to the frame, particularly in the front end, to provide sharper handling.

As mentioned earlier, the S 1000 RR carries such a premium in the Indian market due to tax reasons, as well as the fact that the bike is imported as a CBU (Completely Built Up) unit straight from Germany. Nevertheless, it’s interesting to note that it’s priced even cheaper than some of its liter-class rivals in India, more specifically the Honda CBR1000RR-R Fireblade SP, which starts at Rs 2,311,292 ($27,996 USD), and the Ducati Panigale V4, which has a starting price of Rs 2,649,000, or around $32,000 USD. The 2023 S 1000 RR is expected to enter the Indian market by February of 2023.

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