Famed automaker Alfa Romeo and motorcycle manufacturer Moto Guzzi may both hail from Italy, but their influence is felt around the world. For proof, look no further than Hamburg, Germany-based custom motorcycle shop Kaffeemaschine, and its KM37 GTA build.

Led by Axel Budde, the team transformed a 1981 Moto Guzzi SP1000 into the image of Alfa Romeo’s Giulia GTA 1300 Stradale. Adopting the auto OEM’s iconic Biancospino paint and chrome finishes, the tourer finds new life as an elegant café racer.

Kaffeemaschine doesn’t forget the fine details either, lifting the Biscione (man-eating snake) symbol from Alfa Romeo’s logo. Budde even upholds the brand’s superstitious streak by painting two Quadrifoglio (four-leaf clovers) on the underside of the bubble fairing.

The custom outfit’s efforts extend beyond the cosmetic, though. Thanks to the SP1000’s Lino Tonti frame, the builders easily achieve the customary café racer look by stripping away unnecessary parts and bodywork. Budde only amplifies those weight savings by fashioning the new tanks, tail, and fairing from carbon-kevlar material. All in all, Kaffeemaschine trims the SP down to 405 pounds.

Gallery: KM37 GTA: 1981 Moto Guzzi SP1000

That new lean form doesn’t stop the KM37 from earning extra muscle. The team equips the longitudinal V-twin with a custom camshaft, lightened flywheel and crank, larger valves, and Dell’Orto PHF carburetors. The souped-up mill whips up 82 horses as a result. However, Budde turns to drum brakes to bring all those ponies to a halt.

Of course, Motogadget electronics outfit many of today’s leading customs, and the KM37 is no different. The Chronoclassic display toes the line between classic and contemporary an analog tachometer and a digital speedometer. On the other hand, Budde designed and developed the switchgear himself, maintaining the build’s simple yet sophisticated aesthetic.

In order to bring Kaffeemaschine customs to an American audience, Budde teamed up with Moto Borgotaro’s Peter Boggia. The KM37 is currently on display at the Brooklyn-based shop with Kaffeemaschine opening purchases to interested buyers.

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