It looks like the Finish GP Project will face another problem after its postponement and cancelation. The KymiRing was set to debut last year, but the event was otherwise postponed before being canceled indefinitely.

The cancelation was partially due to the bankruptcy of the two companies that helped build the circuit. Now, Dorna’s suing as one of its creditors looking to recover its investment in the circuit. Maanrakennus Pekka Rautiainen ky and Macra oy were the two companies that filed for bankruptcy against the circuit, also looking to recoup fees from the circuit, as they claim they have not been paid. Sources like Web Bike World also stated that the list of creditors looking to get back their funds from the circuit is growing.

Dorna, the company responsible for MotoGP, is allegedly suing the circuit’s subsidiary, KymiRing Events, for sums amounting to €6.4 Million EUR, or about $6.4-million USD with today’s exchange rate, which is related to the promotion agreement signed in July of last year. The company never received anything from KymiRing even after providing invoices to the circuit in the spring and summer of this year.

Now, it looks like the Finish GP won’t get a happy ending as it didn’t even get a start to begin with. The KymiRing was poised to host Finland’s first GP race event in forty years. The last GP event was held all the way back in 1982. Hosting another event of that scale now looks like a distant reality given how events have unfolded with the KymiRing.

As such, the GP’s cancelation and the subsequent problems that it faces following the aftermath open up the doors for other countries like India and Kazakhstan. Could we see an Indian or Kazakh GP in the near future? That remains to be seen, but even so, the Finish GP looks like it’s not getting back up any time soon if at all. 

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