On November 8, 2022, Swedish electric bike maker CAKE officially unveiled its all-new Bukk enduro bike to the world at EICMA. A couple of years ago, the OEM started its CAKE World Race one-make motocross series for all the usual reasons a company goes racing, including its importance in bike development. The Bukk, it seems, is the first result of that research. 

To kick things off, CAKE opted to offer its newest platform in a limited-edition run of just 50 machines. Furthermore, it announced that preorders were already open as of EICMA, so hopeful customers wanting to get their hands on what CAKE says is its most powerful off-road machine yet could buy one right away.  

As of November 17, 2022, CAKE announced that all 50 limited-edition Bukks have already sold out. Each of these bikes will be individually numbered, and deliveries are expected to begin in March, 2023, at the end of Q1 of the year. Speaking of that first quarter, that’s also when CAKE plans to reveal more information about the Bukk platform and its future plans there.  

Gallery: CAKE Bukk

“The Bukk launch reminds me very much of the Kalk Limited Edition launch 4 years ago, with an amazing welcome and excitement from the market. This time the limited edition Bukk sold out in less than a week, with a wide response from around the globe. We are super excited to share the next phases of the Bukk platform,” CAKE founder and CEO Stefan Ytterborn said in a statement. 

Does this mean we can expect to see the CAKE Bukk participate in the 2023 round of the CAKE World Race? That’s not clear at this point—and, in fact, so far, no details about the next round of the series have been revealed just yet. Still, it will be interesting to see what early adopters of the new platform have to say about it once Bukks start rolling out early next year. If we do get to see them at future CAKE MX events, so much the better.  

If the rollout runs along the same trajectory as the Kalk’s rollout did, we can likely expect to see multiple Bukk variants aimed at slightly different off-road scenarios in the not-too-distant future. Since the name Bukk translates to “Buck” in English, we can’t say that we won’t get a little giggle out of an anti-poaching Bukk edition, should CAKE opt to go that route in the future.

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