Wrenching on bikes is a special kind of therapy, but for some of us that are all thumbs when it comes to tinkering, we might end up with more to fix. Luckily, there are quite a few videos of some more experienced hands showing us how it is done. 

This timelapse video of a 1963 Lambretta engine, offers a satisfying look into the restoration of this old two-stroke. Once in a scooter, now in need of a refresh. There were no details shared about what model the engine came from, but displacement details were divulged it turns out that the motor comes in at 150cc, and it's got some choice parts in the mix. The builder, najib Mohd zin, added his parts list which is as follows. 

  1. Cylinder rebore from 57.0mm to 64.0mm
  2. Re-profiled cylinder head
  3. GP crank with 110mm Japan con-rod
  4. 26mm manifold + Mikuni carb
  5. 2.0kg flywheel + BGM stator
  6. Uprated chain tensioner by Casa Performance
  7. 16t front sprocket + 46t Japanese style 5 plates clutch
  8. Casa Lambretta Clubman, Twin Megaphone exhaust

Of course, the video starts out with disassembly, then cleaning, then finally, reassembly. There was even a point in the video where we saw actual time passing, indicating that this was not just a one-afternoon endeavor. 

After the whole engine is put back together with new gaskets, bearings, and other key components, a carburetor was hooked up, a fuel tank was connected, and the starter was given a good old-fashioned kick to crank the engine back to life. Following that, we get a normal-speed exhaust clip of the engine and it sounds glorious. Of course, now this motor needs a new home, and what better place to put it than a Lambretta, but what Lambretta? Personally, I'm dying to know. Heck, this engine deserves to be on the road once more after the comprehensive rebuild. Still, it's a satisfying video to watch. 

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