If you’re in the market for your first Arai Rapide Neo, or another Arai Rapide Neo, wait until the new Ice Blue color and React colorways are released this December, in time for the holiday season.

The Rapide Neo is Arai’s neo-retro-style helmet in the lineup that blends classic styling with the latest in safety and comfort. The Japanese brand has been selling the Rapide Neo for quite some time now and it features all the Arai-specific construction and quality that you can come to expect with a high-caliber lid such as this one. Snell rated, and world renown, you can't go wrong. 

Arai’s “glancing off” ethos meshes well with the Rapide Neo’s design. Being a more “classic” style of a motorcycle helmet, it looks right with a rounded shell design. It’s got three intake vents, one in the chin and two are Arai’s “famous” visor-mounted brow vents. All the intake vents can be opened or closed to adapt to the weather. Hot air escapes through two rear exhaust vents located at the back of the helmet, resulting in a very clean look overall.

ARAI Rapide Neo Ice Blue

The new color in the lineup is actually a bit of a “facelift” of sorts. Arai already offers a “nardo gray-like” color with its Modern Gray, but this one has a bit more blue in the mix, resulting in a bluish-gray hue that’s sure to still match with plenty of motorcycles in pretty much any color.

ARAI Rapide Neo React Brown
ARAI Rapide Neo React Blue

Arai calls its new graphic option “React.” The new graphic option was made by Nobu Kato, and it features a dark accent and light pop of color near the exhaust vents. It’s a tri-color graphic that even uses the original Arai logo. There are two colors on Arai’s Japanese website, night blue, and dark mocha.

As for pricing and sizing, the Ice Blue will retail for ¥55,000 JPY, (about $360 USD) in Japan, however, the graphic option will set you back an extra ¥9,900 JPY, totaling to ¥64,900 JPY (about $427 USD). Note that these prices are based on Arai’s own pricing in Japan, and are not indicative of international prices. Ice Blue and the new React graphic will be available come December 2022.

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