It’s new bike season, all across the industry—and new, updated, and color-changed bikes are rolling out left and right in October, 2022. If you like the idea of the rather unique UBCO 2x2ADV electric bike, but you wish that it came in a color other than white, we have good news for you. As of October 5, 2022, UBCO is proud to announce that the 2X2ADV now comes in black, too.  

No mechanical changes have been made for this update. It’s purely a cosmetic change, to offer potential buyers another option when they’re contemplating this bike. Pricing remains the same in the U.S., at $6,999 for either color. (UBCO also offers its bikes in other markets, and pricing and availability may vary.) 

For those unfamiliar, the UBCO 2X2ADV is powered by two 1-kilowatt hub-mounted electric motors, with one mounted in each wheel. The “2X2” part of the name is descriptive, as this is a two-wheel drive motorbike. UBCO offers its 2X2 in two versions: ADV and WRK, with the ADV version being road-registerable (it comes with things like mirrors and turn signals), while the WRK is a strictly off-road version. 

UBCO 2x2ADV - Black - Left Front Angle View
UBCO 2x2ADV - Black - Left Side

Top speed is a claimed 30 mph, and the bike weighs about 156 pounds at the curb, ready to ride. It comes with its own dedicated charger that you can plug directly into a regular wall outlet, and you can read all about my experiences with our long-term UBCO 2x2ADV in our Life With UBCO 2x2ADV series that we published earlier in 2022. 

Charging time is an estimated four to six hours, depending on how empty the battery is—an estimate that we found to be fairly accurate. Range is a claimed 43 to 75 miles—and as with all electric vehicles, will vary based on a number of factors, including how hard you ride the bike, how heavy a load you carry, and so on. 

The UBCO 2X2ADV features multiple attachment points for you to bolt on whatever accessories or items that you need to carry. It also features two racks (one front and one rear), a very bright LED headlight, and a clear and easy-to-read digital display in all lighting conditions.  

When UBCO first started selling bikes in the U.S., it began by offering them through its website, shipped directly to your door. It still does that, but they’re also increasingly available through dealers and retailers like Camping World, for those individuals who would rather not have to deal with any aspect of assembly themselves. (If you’re interested in what the assembly process is like if you do order one directly, I wrote about the unboxing experience here.) 

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