For many riders, no matter where we are in the world, we just want to get out and ride as much as we can. That’s exactly what Royal Enfield wants to tap into with its annual One Ride event each year. For 2022, the Royal Enfield One Ride worldwide date is set for September 18, 2022—which is, as we write this, just two days away. 

The official slogan for 2022 is “One World. One Mission. One Ride 2022,” because no matter how geography, language, culture, or any other barriers may divide us as riders, most of us are all out here for the same reason: Because we love riding. It may seem kind of cheesy, but there’s also something kind of powerful about it. 

Think about one event worldwide, bringing the majority of the world’s Royal Enfield riders out to explore and have fun on the same day. Different ride groups in different countries may choose to set out at different times—and, of course, there are multiple time zone differences to consider. Still, one-day global events like these are special—just look at the growing numbers of riders who come out on International Female Ride Day each year, for example. 

The very first Royal Enfield One Ride Day took place all the way back in 2011—so 2022 marks the eleventh year since its inception. What’s the plan for 2022? Enfield says, “With the change in dynamics over the last couple of years, this year we will reconnect with what really matters, reaching out and helping develop remote communities, helping mitigate our environmental impact, and leaving every place better, together.” 

In other words, if you stop somewhere, be sure to clean up after yourself—don't leave any trash laying around. Also, if you see recyclables or trash that are already at the place where you’ve stopped, why not take an extra moment to pack it up and put it in the proper receptacle when you have the chance? Enfield also suggests supporting local businesses as much as possible, and avoiding single-use plastics to help do our part to take care of the planet.  

Above all, Enfield also wants every rider to ride safe—so we can all go out and have fun again tomorrow. Our love of motorcycling is what brings us all together—and what can keep us coming back year after year.  

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