Since July, the Laverda Museum has been entertaining guests in Breganze, Italy. Once the home of the Laverda brand, the museum was created by Werner Ricciolini, an entrepreneur and lover of the brand.

Laverda started in 1873, and the brand went defunct in 2006. Not the greatest intro, but it is a brand that is filled with a lot of history and quite a number of fans. The brand was absorbed by the Piaggio Group in 2004 in a deal that included Aprilia. The brand has remained quiet ever since, and Piaggio has stated that it would sell the rights to Laverda if ever an investor shows up in the future.

The Laverda Museum was officially inaugurated back on July 23, 2022. During the event, the President of ASI, Palomino Poli, President of ASI Museums Commission, Danilo Castellarin, Piero Laverda and his wife, Massimo Laverda’s widow and children, Engineer Todeschini, Fantic’s CEO Engineer Mariano Roman, test rider Fernando Cappellotto, famed restorer Riccardo Oro, and relatives of former managers, technicians, and workers were all present for the event.

Laverda Museum Inauguration

Famous Laverda riders also showed up like Augusto Bretton, Roberto Gallina, and Edoardo Dossena were present as well as hundreds of fans. The celebration lasted two days with food and music being served and blasted to the event-goers.

Laverda’s history is filled with many different motorcycles, and the two exhibitions showcase many of the brand’s historic models from the forties to the seventies. Everything from twin-cylinder 500s and 750s to three-cylinder 1000 and 12000 models is on display. There are also other historic racing displays such as the 500 formula, 750 SFC, and the 1000 “space frame” of the Endurance and the V6 owned by Alfieri Piero Laverda himself.

If you would like to visit the Laverda museum, take a trip to Breganze, Italy. The entry fee costs as little as €10 EUR and the museum is open every day of the week given a 24-hour notice via the establishment’s Facebook page.

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