Do you need more chill in your life? If so, then you’re absolutely in luck, because this video brings together two of the most restful things ever: Motocamping … and llamas! Did you even know that you could go motocamping with llamas? It’s apparently a thing, in at least two places—as Amanda Zito of YouTube channel As the Magpie Flies relates on her channel. 

Here’s the story, if you don’t regularly watch her channel. On Amanda’s most recent trip across the U.S., she’d wanted to camp at a llama ranch in Texas along the way—but unfortunately, the planning just didn’t work out. All the camp’s spaces were booked at the time that she was hoping to stay for the night, so she ended up staying somewhere else—somewhere, crucially, that had 100 percent fewer llamas. (Boo!) 

She was sad, viewers were sad—and probably the only ones in this story who weren’t sad were the llamas, because it sounds like they had plenty of company anyway. Anyway, Amanda continued on her journey, made it all the way to Florida, then turned around and rode back to her home base in Oregon. We collectively put all the “could’ve been” thoughts of llamas and motocamping out of our minds … or did we? 

As it happens, Oregon is, well, Oregon. After she got home, Amanda found out about a llama ranch that offers camping through the outdoor stay platform Hipcamp (which is sort of like Airbnb, only for outdoor stays). It’s about an hour away from where she lives—which meant that Amanda could take some of the more luxurious camping comfort gear that she has, unlike when she’s packing for longer trips.  

For those who’ve watched other ATMF videos, you’ll probably also notice the other thing that helps when carrying a whole bunch of gear on an adventure: In this video, she has a Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports DCT, which is a loaner bike from Honda that she’s making the most of while she has it. If you’re a fan of camping gadgets, extremely restful camping vibes, and of course llamas, then I hope you’ve already hooked up your headphones and hit play on this video. 

Motocamping is about the trip—but it’s also about the destination, and about spending time in nature. If you go in a group, of course, it can be about the group bond—but if you’re a more solitary soul, it’s about vibing out in nature with yourself and your surroundings. If those surroundings happen to be a whole bunch of llamas, so much the better! If you’re a fan of camping gadgets and you like seeing the process behind how things are used, as well as tidied away at the end of the stay, then that’s another thing to love about Amanda’s videos.  

We can’t promise that you’ll feel more relaxed if you watch this video—but it couldn’t hurt. If we ever go camping with llamas, we will be sure to report back—and credit Amanda with the inspiration, because it looks totally amazing. 

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