Suzuki will officially withdraw from MotoGP and the Endurance World Championship (EWC) at the end of the 2022 season. The House of Hamamatsu made the move official on July 13, 2022, citing the firm’s future sustainability goals as the driving force. It looks like Suzuki is wasting no time with those efforts either, ramping up production of five new outboard motors outfitted with the world's first microplastic recovery device.

The innovative new system contributes to Suzuki’s Clean Ocean Project. Under the initiative, the manufacturer’s employees and partners volunteer for waterside clean-up campaigns, while the company reduces plastic packaging and collects marine-plastic waste. The microplastic recovery device will help achieve those aims.

Suzuki initially unveiled the device in October, 2020. After conducting surveys in 14 countries and refining the design for nearly two years, the brand will start installing the new system on five outboard motors (DF140BG, DF115BG, DF140B, DF115B, and DF100C). The device collects micro-plastics near the surface when the boat motors hit the water.

Suzuki claims that microplastics comprise a considerable amount of marine plastic waste flowing into the sea. Many environmentalists are concerned that fine microplastics in the natural environment will further harm the ecosystem. By launching the new recovery device, Suzuki not only aims to minimize its environmental impact but also hopes to offset the actions of others.

Microplastic recovery device-equipped Suzuki outboard motors will soon ship all over the world, including major markets in North America and Europe. The racing world was certainly blindsided by Suzuki’s abrupt departure from the Grand Prix and EWC paddocks. Still, it seems like the OEM is truly dedicating its resources to sustainability initiatives, and the microplastic recovery device seems like it's just the tip of the iceberg. Now, we're just waiting patiently for Suzuki to reveal a swappable battery platform.

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