Are you familiar with the Legends and Heroes Tour? It’s a group of motocross enthusiasts who see the value in the 40-plus year legacy of American motocross, and want to share that history with everyone who comes to motocross and supercross events. Like so many things, the pandemic meant that the Monster Energy Supercross series was temporarily placed on hold—but organizers looked forward to brighter days over the horizon. 

In June, 2022, the Legends and Heroes Tour Traveling Moto Museum announced that American Honda Motor Corporation had donated an amazing cache of printed archival materials to the cause. In addition to being displayed, some of these materials will also be sold to help fund the efforts of the tour to keep all that important history alive.  

What kind of materials are we talking about? Honda sent along a full collection of its motorcycle manuals, as well as brochures, magazines, and other archival media items—the kind of stuff that specialty archivists go mad over. As you can see in the photo, it’s a whole bunch of Honda motorcycles—not only motocross bikes. 

In addition to displaying items like these at its traveling moto museum, the Legends and Heroes Tour also concentrates on honoring the individuals who made these sports possible. It’s a 501c3 non-profit organization, so it also sells archival items to help fund its efforts in keeping this history alive for generations to come. 

Since the 2022 supercross series was back in full swing, the Legends and Heroes Moto Tour was right there with its display at events. It’s not all memorabilia and manuals; some special and historic bikes are part of the festivities, too.  

The Legends and Heroes Moto Tour thanked American Honda for its generous donation of these materials to its efforts. Organizers also look forward to continuing to entertain and educate the public about this important motorsport history. Each event and every donation helps to push their mission forward, and a set of printed Honda archives like this is no doubt of great interest to a wide range of powersports enthusiasts. (From the photo, there appears to be some kind of multimedia manual for a Honda watercraft in this collection—so it’s not only bikes.) 

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