The ex-Petronas Yamaha Team, RNF Racing, signed an agreement with Aprilia which will see the team get four RS-GPs to compete in MotoGP.

This deal marks the first time that Aprilia has ever had a satellite team in MotoGP, and it will be valid starting in 2023 and go on for two seasons. After the first two seasons, the contract is renewable for another two years.

RNF racing and Aprilia’s collaboration will not only include the sale of bikes, but will also include training for engineers, technicians, managers, and riders and signals the brand’s full support to RNF in order to maximize the potential of the Aprilia machines, and the team themselves.

As such, the training program wishes to achieve a few things, notably expansion, consolidation, and enhancement of technical and management culture that can represent the Aprilia on the world stage.

Massimo Rivola, Aprilia’s Sports Director in MotoGP, stated: “I am happy to announce the agreement with RNF Racing. We have always reasoned in small steps and as we demonstrate the competitiveness of our RS-GP, a natural part of the journey is to see two more on track.” Rivola further states that “The Noale racing department is a true heritage of knowledge, of technical culture applied to high performance motorbikes as well as sports management. With RNF Racing we find a partner to enhance and valorise this extraordinary heritage. We are thinking, of course, of the riders and the best competitiveness, but also of raising new generations of engineers, technicians and managers. To continue and improve the extraordinary, all-Italian tradition of Aprilia Racing.”

Meanwhile, Razzan Razali, RNF Racing’s Team Principal, stated: “We are absolutely thrilled for this long term partnership with Aprilia Racing. Our philosophy remains to work together with the factory team to develop riders that will one day become Aprilia factory riders. We will assist them in development to ensure that we continue to be competitive and ultimately win with Aprilia Racing. The proposal by Aprilia Racing fulfils our long term plans, strategies and security for the next two plus two years and I must thank Aprilia Racing for its trust, confidence and faith in us. We are absolutely looking forward to the season next year and this new partnership. At the same time, we want to express our gratitude to Yamaha for these past years working together and growing together. We will, though, maintain our focus on working hard this season in order to improve our results together with Yamaha and eventually conclude 2022 on a high note.”

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