More than just a worldwide race series, the FIM MotoE World Cup also serves as a testing ground for sustainable energy solutions. As the sole electric motorcycle supplier for the series, Energica Motors has reaped the benefits of that development process, with its lineup boasting improved performance and economy figures over the past few years.

Of course, Ducati will take the MotoE reins in 2023, but the all-electric race series fosters more than electric motorcycle development; it aids sustainable tire manufacturing as well. Prior to the 2021 MotoE season, series tire supplier Michelin reported that its front tire was composed of 33 percent of renewable materials while the rear tire pushed that number to 40 percent.

The French tire manufacturer wasn’t satisfied with its progress for the 2022 season, however. With the first round of the 2022 MotoE season kicking off at the Jerez circuit this weekend (April 30, 2022), Michelin just announced even more sustainable race tires. The firm still constructs the front hoop from 33 percent renewables, but the rear tire is now produced with 46-percent sustainable sources.

“Although ambitious, this objective remains no less realistic for Michelin. The MotoE tires are a new illustration of this,” mentioned Michelin Director of technical and scientific communications Cyrille Roget. "It is mainly in integrating more natural rubber and recycled carbon black in the tires that we have been able to make progress.”

In addition to natural rubber and recycled end-of-life tires, Michelin also integrates materials such as orange/lemon peel, pine tree resin, sunflower oil, and scrap steel into the race rubber. Combined with the 33-percent front tire, Michelin’s new 46-percent rear allows the company to reach its goal of producing tire sets from 40 percent sustainable materials. The firm hopes to apply that metric across its entire range by 2030, and the MotoE tires are a big step in the right direction. Michelin doesn’t just have its sights set on 2030, though.

“With the MotoE tires, we are also proving that we are capable of doing what we say,” added Roget. “At Michelin, respecting facts is a core part of our values. This is what makes us stand out, and gives us another good reason to believe that we will overcome the challenge of 100% sustainable tires by 2050.”

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