The electric motorcycle space continues to be an interesting one in 2022. We’ve seen many a startup breathlessly announce its new bike in recent years. Of course, sometimes things go as planned and sometimes they don’t. No one was planning on a pandemic that affected health, supply chains, and basically every other thing you can think of, for example. Still, innovators just want the time, tools, and opportunity to innovate—and so, they push forward—as you’ll soon see. 

This is the Flux Primo electric motocross bike. It’s a prototype, and Flux Performance CEO and cofounder Marko Urota is very clear about that fact. The passionate Flux team that built it did so in a garage—but they didn’t use off-the-shelf components. Instead, they designed and built everything from the ground up—including the battery. (That’s where we tell you that the team is comprised of either racers who are also engineers, or engineers who are also racers. It's not clear exactly how they describe themselves, but that mix of skills and passions probably makes a difference in the bike’s origin story.) 

As a prototype, of course, that means not a lot of stats or specs are baked in at this point. One thing that Flux definitely wants us to know is its peak 85 horsepower claim. The battery—which is swappable—is a 6.7 kWh unit. Flux says the swap system is so efficient, riders should be able to do it in under a minute. While the company isn’t giving any other details just yet, it claims the overall vehicle weight is in line with other MX bikes.

Gallery: Flux Primo Electric MX Prototype

That’s where we come to the next important bit that sets this vehicle apart: Flux Performance says it wants riders of all kinds to test-ride the Primo. Not just when it’s been released, either; Flux is looking for test riders to offer their thoughts and help the team design the eventual production version of the Primo. If you go to the Flux website right now, there’s a test-ride signup form, along with the usual startup pre-order form. Test rides are completely free, and if you want to pre-order a Primo, it’s only € 50 (about $54). Preorders are also fully refundable at any time. 

Prototype testing is scheduled to kick off in summer 2022. If all goes according to plan, production versions of the Primo should roll out to customers some time in 2024. The founders are estimating the cost at around € 12,000, which is about $12,998 in 2022 U.S. dollars.  

If you’re interested in signing up for a test ride, we’ll include the link to do so in our Sources. Feel free to tell us how it goes if you do!  

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