While most custom builders take an existing platform and turn it into something special, Plasma Custom Motorcycles thought differently with the Fuìss which is a handcrafted motorcycle (more like a motorized bicycle), that’s made from scratch. Its name means ferret, and it is inspired by the bikes that existed in the 1930s.

Vintage motorcycles can fetch pretty pennies at auction, and this is no vintage Harley-Davidson, but it’s quite an amazing feat of passion on Plasma Custom’s part. From the ground up, Alessandro Rorato, created the Fuìss to celebrate his brand in the same style as motorcycles back in the 1930s. Even his manufacturing process was similar, opting to handcraft, design, and even create all the parts that were needed for this project.

The Fuìss is featured on Plasma Custom’s YouTube channel for the 2021 Motorbike expo. Under the video, a section of its description is in English and reads:

“To celebrate Plasma Custom Motorcycles I wanted to build this 30's style bike completely from scratch by building every detail including the engine. A sincere thanks to all those people who have supported me in this huge personal project.”

Custom all the way down to the casting of the engine, Rorato hand cast the engine himself. As for specifications, the handmade motor has 350ccs if displacement, and it also features a novel valvetrain that utilizes an intake over exhaust system that is a throwback to valvetrains of old. The engine is otherwise mated to a single-speed gearbox and the bike doesn’t go up to 200 miles per hour, but it instead runs at a snail’s pace, and the top speed is unknown as there is no speedometer on the bike.

Gallery: Plasma Custom Motorcycles Fuìss

The design of the bike is totally exotic, with a clear pyrex fuel tank to eliminate the need to keep a fuel gauge on the handlebars. The whole frame is made out of steel tubes that were bent and welded together, and to top it all off the bike comes with tires that are white all around.

The engine then purrs to life with help from the rider pedaling forward. It then thumps up and down before chugging away with a distinct exhaust note that sings to the tune of 3,500 rpm and no more.

It’s definitely a unique exercise in custom building, and unlike anything you’ve seen. It makes sense to wear period-correct gear which includes everyday early 20th-century clothes with leather gloves and boots, plus a cap to keep your hair from flopping in the wind. That being said, hats off to Plasma Custom Motorcycles! 

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