On August 4, 2020, Beirut experienced one of the most earthshaking man-made explosions in the region’s history. An ammonium nitrate reservoir located in the port of Beirut exploded, killing over 200 people and causing untold amounts of damage to the livelihoods and homes of residents in Lebanon’s capital city.

After about two years, The Assembly Motors is back on the map and its owner Rami Bishara shares his story of determination and passion to keep pressing on with his brand despite the man-made calamity that befell his workshop. Bishara is known for his handiwork in creating unique custom motorcycles.

Bishara started out as a typeface writer for Arabic fonts, and he worked for one of the largest brand agencies in his country until he bought his first motorcycle and developed a passion for tinkering and designing. His story is similar to many others who’ve taken to life on two wheels. After his first foray into the world of two-wheelers, Bishara then purchased a 1974 Honda CB550 that was in dire need of love. The platform is well-known to be a blank canvas for many builders, and it's easy to see why Bishara decided to go with Hondas. 

The rest is, as they say, history. Bishara further developed his craft and set up shop, initially calling it “Beirut Cafe Racers,” until he rebranded into The Assembly Motors. Bishara has since had a list of steady clients over the years as well as a collection of awards and invitations to showcase his work.

The aftermath of the Beirut Blast left his storefront in shambles, with the wood and glass facade completely destroyed. Bishara was determined to rebuild and improve The Assembly Motors and even rebuilt his storefront using steel and glass. Right after the rebuild was complete, Bishara went back to doing what he does best, and that is building motorcycles, of course!

Rami Bishara Honda CX650 1983 Build

Bishara rebuilt a 1983 Honda CX650 which was a project that he was working on before the blast. Seemingly unfazed by the catastrophe that shook up Beirut, Bishara continued with his passion and has continued to earn him international recognition.

Now back and better than ever, The Assembly Motors will continue to push with Bishara at the helm. His steel will to press forward and keep doing what he loves doing is a good sign for the company and its future. Speaking of which, Bishara will experiment and dabble in other fields so he can expand his craft through the use of CAD, CAM, and CNC Machining so he can produce more parts and creative opportunities for himself and his clients.

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