If you want Italian gear but aren’t a fan of Dainese, then perhaps Spyke is a brand that you’ve considered in the past. Quality motorcycle gear is the name of the game with Spyke, and the brand has recently improved its Imola Evo 2.0 leather jacket.

Yes, it is made out of leather, cowhide to be exact, and it comes with modern features that allow for flexibility and comfort while on the bike. Spyke doesn't just make adventure gear, just like the special edition Dakar riding parka, or the Airmaster touring jacket which is another line the brand is known for.

Perfect for all sorts of riding seasons, the Spyke is a sports jacket that can pair well with any of the brand’s trousers with the use of a zipper. The jacket’s outer shell isn’t totally made of leather, but it is a combination of X-Stretch fabric in key areas like the shoulders, arms, and hips for a more accommodating fit while on the bike. You may also dial in the fit on the waist, and if your neck is susceptible to chafing, Spyke’s given the Imola Evo a neoprene collar for added comfort.

Ventilation is provided by a set of perforated inserts that allow it to be a summer riding jacket whether for a sportbike, naked, or sport-tourer. I did say that the jacket was perfect for all riding seasons, and it does have a removable thermal liner for the colder months, though Spyke will perhaps recommend that you throw a raincoat over the top of it if the sky decides to open up.

Convenience-wise, the Imola Evo 2.0 comes with two external pockets and one internal pocket for all manner of documents and other small items. On the safety front, the jacket gets CE-approved shoulder and elbow protectors. Unfortunately, you will have to buy a back protector separately, but the good news is that there is a pocket that can accommodate the armor without issue. On the more positive side of things, the jacket also comes with PN-EN-1621-1: 2012 approved interchangeable elbow sliders for when things get really hardcore. Also, you won’t have to worry about the construction of the jacket as even the seams are rated according to the RprEN 17092: 2018 standard.

The jacket is available in a wide range of sizes from size 46 to 60. Meanwhile, you can snag this piece for the price of about $410 USD (€379.98 EUR). Spyke even provided a video so you can see the jacket in action while a model is wearing it!

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