Hyundai’s Ioniq’s lineup consists of hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and full-electric vehicles. The fuel-efficient range doesn’t just reduce emissions, though, it also sports the most futuristic styling to come out of the Hyundai plant. From the Ioniq 5’s sleek silhouette and origami-inspired shape to the Ioniq Hybrid’s eye-catching grill, the Korean manufacturer proves it isn’t reluctant to push the design envelope.

That’s exactly how digital designer Ji Woong Cha approaches his work as well, and the Seoul, Korea-based artist imagines how Hyundai could integrate an electric motorcycle into its Ioniq series. While motorcycle manufacturers frequently frame the engine as an integral design element, electric batteries can look like large lumps bolted to a motorbike chassis. For that reason, Cha takes the opposite approach with the Ioniq Q concept.

Gallery: Hyundai Ioniq Q Electric Motorcycle Concept

Mimicking the ‘q’ in the ‘Ioniq’ logo, the designer fashions a robust frame featuring a large cutout in the center. An integrated battery housing not only acts as a stressed member of the frame but also closes the ‘q’ loop. Out back, a long dual-sided swingarm resembles the tail of the letter ‘q’ and completes the conceptual design.

Up front, a raked-out fork delivers the slammed looked commonly adopted in the custom cruiser scene. The Ioniq Q treads into Harley-Davidson Fat Bob territory thanks to the oversized Pirelli P-Zero tires. The pixel signature headlamp takes a page from Hyundai’s Ioniq design book, but the band configuration calls Star Trek’s Lt. Commander La Forge to mind. To match the low and lean stance, Cha adds a set of low-mounted handlebars and a single seat.

The throttle and front brake lever remain mounted to the right handlebar, but the left-hand grip also features a lever with an unspecified function. Presumably, the right brake lever would control the front brake, but with no clutch and the electric motor leaving no room for a rear braking system, the left lever seems like a phantom component.

As digital concepts go, the Ioniq Q leans more toward form than function, but it's encouraging to see designers draw inspiration from successful electric vehicle platforms.

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