Dale’s Wheels Through Time Museum in Maggie Valley, North Carolina, is gearing up for its 2022 opening day in May. Every year, the Museum holds a raffle to help sustain the museum’s operational costs, as well as keep building up its collection and getting new, amazing pieces of American motorcycle and automotive machinery to come in through its doors. It also prides itself on being the Museum that Runs, so getting some pieces of history up and running again also takes time, effort, money, and parts. Can’t forget the parts. 

The 2022 raffle bike is a gorgeous blue 1937 Harley-Davidson Knucklehead, which is finished in Delphine Blue—a one-year-only color. Teak red and gold details complete the look, really setting the whole thing off. Total assembly of all the 1937-specific parts took 30 years to put together, so WTT says this is both its rarest and most original raffle bike so far.  

For the entire month of February, 2022, WTT is doing something even cooler. One lucky winner will receive a three-day, two-night, expenses-paid trip to WTT’s 2022 opening day. Now, as with many raffles, there are a number of ticket packages you can purchase. This special “Win a Trip to Opening Day” bonus prize is only available with the Greater Deal ($100) and above packages. Still, some enthusiast is going to get a nice little mini-vacation out of the deal. 

The annual raffle for WTT’s giveaway bike of the year takes place each November, so the winner of the 1937 Knucklehead won’t be announced until then. However, the Win A Trip bonus prize is for the opening day of the 2022 season, so presumably all February qualifying tickets will be separated for that particular drawing, and we’d expect an announcement of the winner to come via the museum’s social media channels and website shortly thereafter.  

If you were thinking about entering WTT’s raffle at some point in 2022, February looks like it could be the best time to do it. Best of luck, and even if you don’t win—it could be an excellent place to visit when you’re making your 2022 riding (or family vacation) plans. 

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