Vintage Kawasaki fans, do you love nothing more than a good GPZ900R? Are you currently bringing an old and forgotten example back to life? If that’s you, then we have some great news for you. If you’re a classic Kawasaki fan in general, you’re probably already familiar with Japan’s excellent Doremi Collection. While OEM parts for some of your favorite bikes may be next to impossible to come by, Doremi has been crafting high-quality reproductions for years, for a wide range of models.  

In January, 2022, Doremi announced the release of a shiny new Ninja GPZ900R reproduction tank, something customers have been requesting for a long time. Actually, it’s not shiny—it's unpainted, so you can paint it to match whatever you need for your particular build. Even better, though, Doremi wasn’t content to simply recreate the original. Instead, the company improved upon it, so owners can hopefully get many more years of enjoyment out of their GPZ900Rs. 

While the OEM GPZ900R has a shape that many appreciate aesthetically, it also had some important weaknesses—namely, its tendency to rust at the bottom. Since it’s now 2022 instead of 1984, both materials and manufacturing techniques have advanced. These facts, coupled with Doremi adding a zinc-plated steel plate right where it’s needed most, make the aftermarket parts specialist especially proud of the quality of its newest part. This tank is crafted to fit all years of GPZ900R, according to Doremi. 

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Of course, high-quality parts aren’t cheap, and this is no exception. The price on Doremi’s Japanese website is 148,500 yen (or about $1,299), including tax and excluding shipping. For those unfamiliar, Doremi does have an international distribution network, including several options for purchasing its parts in the U.S. This tank is not yet listed in the U.S. shop, and it’s unclear what the price may be if and when it is in the future. If you live outside Japan, and your region has a Doremi distributor, you may want to inquire further for local information if you’re interested. 

It’s also worth noting that Doremi says it will produce just 300 of these tanks to start, with no further plan for production after that. Presumably, it will create more if the demand is there—but if you need one, it’s probably best to move quickly.

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