The Like 125 EV, an electric scooter that can travel 199 kilometers on a single charge, has recently been launched by Taiwanese manufacturer, Kymco. The Like 125 EV is the newest electric scooter offering from the Taiwanese company, featuring a sleek look and familiar ergonomics. Furthermore, the little runabout's specifications seem to be quite impressive. Let's take a closer look, shall we?

The Kymco Like 125 EV draws power from a small electric motor with  a power output  of up to 3,200 watts, or the equivalent of around 4.3 horsepower and enough space to contain five batteries, allowing it to travel up to 199 kilometers. it features Kymco's proprietary Ionex battery technology, claimed to take just one hour to charge. Each battery will be able to charge roughly 1,000 times over its lifetime.

Kymco Introduces New Like 125 EV Electric Scooter

The two-wheeler features styling that's similar to that of its gas-powered stablemates. Just like the highly popular Like 125 and Like 150, which are loved across Asia and Europe, the EV gets  some finer elements, such as the headlamp cover. The grab handle at the back, as well as the bezel on the headlight, features a striking blue finish, differentiating the Like 125 EV from its ICE counterparts. 

The Like 125 EV tips the scales at just 94 kilograms, making it an easy ride around town. Furthermore, the scooter comes with techie features, and can connect to smartphones via an app to access information such as speed and battery level. The display panel is fully digital, too, and flaunts all information prominently and legibly.

The Kymco Like 125 EV will cost roughly 1,200 Euros in Europe, making it relatively affordable to the general public. We'll have to wait and see if Kymco develops a marketing strategy for this model in the future, especially in Asia and parts of Central America.

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