Don’t miss the Dakar Rally this 2022, the penultimate off-road adventure that’s only reserved for the best and brightest minds in the industry with a knack for getting down and dirty. Before a tire can fling a grain of sand, however, fans must prepare ways to be able to catch all the action on screen. 

You may need to ready a few things in order to get the live stream stateside. Peacock TV will broadcast the event, but it is unclear whether all of the stages of the rally will be on air. It’s also within the realm of possibility that a highlight reel will be showcased. Anyway, for the low price of just $4.99 USD a month, you can avail of the server and catch not only the Dakar Rally, but also EPL soccer games, NFL Sunday Night Football and the Super Bowl, and other sports just in case the two-wheelers aren’t out to play. 

If a recap is more your speed, then you can catch the event on NBC Sports’ Home of Motorsports, which will span one hour to cover Dakar. Nightly coverage is also available on and the NBC Sports app. You may also catch the program on the NBC YouTube Channel. 

Finally, the third website that will showcase the highlights of the event will be RedBull TV, which is available for the entire world to see. The site states that you can “see daily highlights and go behind the scenes with teams, drivers, and rally legends to experience the jaw-dropping beauty and brutality of the most prestigious off-road rally on the planet.” A replay of the event is also available if you cannot make the live stream. 

It’s also worth noting that all of these brands are listed on the Dakar Rally’s website of official broadcasters. So again, Peacock TV, NBC Sports Olympic Channel, and Red Bull TV will all be your go-to services and websites to watch the 2022 Dakar Rally. 

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