As we riders in the northern hemisphere grapple with cooler weather, heated gear starts to look extremely attractive. Whether you’ve been eyeing heated grips, heated seats, or heated wearables, there are plenty of options to choose from. If you just want a simple plug-and-play solution that doesn’t require extra fiddling, however, your options narrow a bit. 

If you own a BMW R 1250 GS, Wunderlich just introduced a new flavor of its AKTIVCOMFORT heated seat that keeps everything as simple as it can possibly be. How does it do it? Easy, it just plugs straight into BMW’s OEM heated seat plug. No muss, no fuss, no worries—just sweet, sweet heat to keep you warmer in the saddle. 

Wunderlich’s newest BMW R 1250 GS AKTIVCOMFORT heated saddle comes in your choice of three colorways: black, 40th Yellow, or HP Edition. Additionally, you can choose from Standard, Low, or Tall seating options. If you want to get extra fancy and heat up your passenger’s ride as well, you can also get a matching AKTIVCOMFORT heated passenger seat, too. 

Gallery: Wunderlich Aktivcomfort BMW R 1250 GS Heated Seat

These seats include Wunderlich’s ThermoPro coating, which the company says keeps the saddle much cooler on hot summer days—by up to 25 degrees Celsius (or 77 degrees Fahrenheit). For those unfamiliar, the AKTIVCOMFORT line specializes in evenly distributing your sitting pressure over the cushion, thus relieving the pressure on your butt as you sit. There’s also a special concave profile to keep the pressure from interfering with your tailbone, making it easier to spend more hours comfortably in the saddle. 

Wunderlich makes its AKTIVCOMFORT heated seats in Germany, and uses a special dropped cut seam construction to keep them both looking and feeling nice when you use them. Pricing and availability may vary by region, but U.S. pricing for the Rider saddle starts at $792.95, and pricing for the Passenger saddle starts at $760.95.

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