With fall officially underway in the Northern Hemisphere, riders are taking their all-season and wet weather gear out of the mothballs. Whether you race on the track or mosey about on the street, damp conditions can force motorcyclists to rethink their riding style, route, and wardrobe. Fortunate, Dainese has you covered with the new Nexus 2 D-WP boots, allowing everyone from racers to commuters to stay on the road even in the wettest weather.

Based on the popular Nexus boot line, the Nexus 2 features Dainese’s Axial Distortion Control System that maintains the rider’s range of motion and walking comfort while also safeguarding the ankle from twisting motions in the event of a crash. In addition to the brand’s signature protective system, toe and heel reinforcements, Thermoplastic polyurethane shin inserts, replaceable toe sliders, and an anti-crushing sole shield the rider from impacts.


The D-Fabric construction and microfiber upper balance protection and comfort while the D-WP membrane provides waterproofing yet remains breathable. The interior also features a protective nylon inner hull and a closing zipper at the back ensures that the boot stays should the ride come off the bike. Even in the wet, the differentiated sole design preserves as much grip as possible and the boot’s flexible joints make it the ideal footwear for a jaunt to the nearby café or waiting trackside.


Available in black and black/fluo yellow, the Nexus 2 D-WP boots are the perfect companion to full race leathers or all-season touring gear. Those that prefer an understanding look will gravitate to the stealthy color scheme while safety-conscious road riders and flashy road racers will spring for the Hi-Viz yellow variant. At $319.95, the four-season Dainese boots come in sizes 39-47. Yes, colder and wetter weather may be on the horizon but that doesn’t mean you have to stop riding, especially if you have the right footwear.

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