To many CFMoto fans, the 700 CL-X is perhaps the brand’s best-ever bike currently sitting in its lineup. Following a recent launch in Europe, the twin-cylinder roadster already spawned a smaller version in the form of the 250 CL-X in China. 

While the 700 sports a 693cc 180-degree parallel-twin, the smaller model will feature a 249cc single-cylinder which is the same exact mill that is found in the brand’s 250 NK available in other markets. The 249cc motor will make about 27.5 horsepower, which is decent for a bike of its displacement. 

CFMoto To Launch 700 CL-X Sport Soon

As expected, the bike will get the same design details found in the larger 700 CL-X Heritage, with a prominent LED headlight and wide handlebars. We’re also seeing a very clean and Husqvarna-looking colorway with fluorescent green and white along with a CL-X livery found on the tank. 

The bike doesn’t appear to share the same frame architecture as the 700 CL-X and it looks closer to the small-displacement line of NK models from the brand. CFMoto also slapped a nice TFT screen to serve as the bike’s instrument cluster, which isn’t shared with the bigger 700 but is shared with the rest of CFMoto’s 300 and 250 lines of motorcycles. 

For its footwork, the bike will wear a set of 150 section rear tires and will have a single front disc brake and single rear disc brake. A rear tire hugger will keep the mud off your back, and leave the bike with a nice and clean silhouette towards its tail section. 

Given the availability of the 300 SR in the European front, sources speculate that the model will get a bump in displacement. The 300 CL-X may go toe-to-toe with the Husqvarna Vit and Svartpilens of similar displacement. The 292cc motor in the CFMoto lineup will make about the same amount of power as the 249cc motor, but it’s livelier in the middle of its rev range, and the power kicks in earlier in comparison. 

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