There’s nothing quite like wrenching on your own motorcycle, and whether you’re just tinkering or building your own bike from the ground up there are few things more satisfying . For garage builder Shiroh Nakajima, that satisfaction is tenfold after completing his 14-part BMW R100RS restomod series.

In the final episode of the project, Nakajima assembles the bespoke Beemer with the utmost care. The 46Works builder opens the video with easy-going Jazz playing in the background. Over the piano, drums, bass, and sax, the clatter of socket wrenches and screws add another layer of percussion to the soundtrack.

Once the music recedes, however, Nakajima moves on to the R1000RS’s wiring. From the click of the wire cutters to the hum of the heat gun to the smoldering of the soldering iron, the video takes a swift turn into ASMR territory. Whether you’re a fan of ASMR videos or not, all viewers should be able to appreciate Nakajima’s care and craftsmanship.

After ceremoniously fitting the brake lines and bodywork, the YouTuber brings the big-bore boxer to life, adding yet another sound effect to the chorus. With a minor ignition timing adjustment, the old airhead sings once again before Nakajima takes the audience along for the final inspection.

More piano-driven music enters the fray yet again, helping us pass the time as Japanese authorities inspect the custom café racer. Now homologated for the road, the R100RS returns to the garage to the final touch—mirrors. Muzak still pumps in the background as Nakajima’s drill press whirs, his TIG Welder sizzles, and his acetylene torch blows.

Of course, the 46Works builder wastes no time enjoying the fruits of his labor, ripping the Beemer through nearby twisties. Yes, there’s nothing quite like wrenching on your own motorcycle. That is unless you get to observe a master craftsman like Shiroh Nakajima do what he does best.

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