The new wave of electric motorcycles and scooters signal progress in the two-wheeled mobility sector. New brands are popping up like Ola with its bicycle-priced e-bike, while others are gunning for high-performance with the likes of Energica making high voltage fun on two wheels. 

Even the more mature brands are recognizing the potential of electric mobility, like BMW and TVS. The Chinese brand, Qianjiang Motors unveiled a prototype at the 2021 Beijing Motor Show, dubbed the QJ7000D, with the “7000” denoting the number of kilowatts it outputs, and definitely not its displacement. 

We’ve covered the 7000D in a prior article, stating that the bike will be destined for the Chinese market under the QJmotor brand. However, the bike could end up in other markets under the Benelli brand, after all, the Italian marque is under the QJ umbrella. 

Benelli QJ700D Electric bike patent images
Benelli QJ700D Electric bike patent images

These images come from QJmotor’s patent application, and it reveals quite a few details about the electric motorcycle. Rather unexpected is the hollowed-out tank section that looks like a storage area. You could possibly fit in a helmet. The seat looks like it’s floating, with no brackets attached to the tail for the passenger footpegs, resulting in a clean overall look.

Meanwhile, the bike looks like it’ll get a set of upside-down front forks, a single disc in the front and rear, and a sportbike-like stance. The bike appears to be heavily based on the QJ600GS-3B, its front fascia bears a striking resemblance to the patent photos. 

Performance-wise, the bike will feature a single-speed reduction gear set and a conventional manual transmission. We see a clutch level on the bike as well, which makes sense given the conventional manual gearbox. The bike is said to have a top speed of 65 miles per hour, and its battery will give you a range of roughly 60 miles. The engine produces somewhere around 13 horsepower, similar to 150cc bikes according to QJmotor’s claims. 

Again, some sources report that the bike could end up badged as a Benelli for certain markets like India where the brand receives a decent amount of traction. Electric mobility was recently popularized thanks to the efforts of Ola Electric and their first-ever and affordable e-scoot for the market. It’s possible that a launch is in the books soon for QJmotor, and this rather small electric motorcycle could make the rounds as an affordable and sportier option in the electric space. 

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