Gazzini and Thyssenkrupp came together to make this handlebar. Made of sweet carbon fiber, this particular modification weighs only 365 grams which should be enough to satiate your weight reduction desires. 

Dubbed the Street X, the carbon motorcycle handlebar is only one of the products that Gazzini offers in its product lineup which includes mirrors, handles, and LED indicators for a variety of motorcycles. The brand also makes some aluminum options, if this is too pricey for you, but why not go the whole nine yards? 

The bars have a slight curve to them, similar to the bras that you would typically find on a KTM Duke, or a Scrambler Ducati. It’s perfect for most naked bikes, but it could find its way into the adventure scene as it offers a lot of leverage with its wideness. 

Gazzini made this in partnership with Thyssenkrupp, a brand that is well-versed in the creation of aftermarket carbon composite parts like wheels. 

Gazzini Street X Carbon Fiber Handlebar
Gazzini Street X Carbon Fiber Handlebar

Carbon fiber is a great material to work with. The composite is used in many different applications. In fact, there are entire bikes built from this stuff, and it’s continuously used on body panels, and even frames to provide rigidity at a fraction of the weight of steel or aluminum. 

Strong and light are the key terms whenever companies market carbon fiber pieces, and this particular handlebar is no exception to that. Made out of one lightweight tube of the stuff, the bars only weigh in at 365 grams or 12.875 ounces, for context, steel or aluminum bars likely weigh close to about a kilogram, or about 2.2 pounds. 

As for its specifications, the bars feature an outer diameter of 28.6 millimeters, or about 1.12 inches in the center, and 22 millimeters or about 0.87 inches on each end. The bars are also certified by the TUV and cost €249 EUR, or about $300 USD. If that’s a little too pricey for you, don’t worry because you can get a similar version for €79 EUR or about $90 USD, though it’ll be made from aluminum instead. You can snag this mod on Louis Moto, which is based in France and is the distributor for Gazzini products. 

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