Maverick Viñales was suspended following some spicy drama in the weekend before the Austrian round of MotoGP

Yamaha made the formal announcement on August 12, 2021, stating that the Spaniard was not to participate in the race on the Red Bull Ring. According to several accounts reported by Autosport, Viñales entered the pitlane after the Styrian race was red-flagged and tried to over-rev the engine of his Yamaha M1 race bike as he entered the garage lane at the end of the second race without crossing the finish line. 

The Factory Racing Team also backs up its story with telemetry data. While the M1 features a rev limiter to avoid unintentional over-revving, it can still be deliberately over-revved as explained by a technician to Autosport’s writer. 

In another article covered by Autosport, Viñales publicly apologized to Yamaha for his actions in the Styrian Grand Prix. He stated that his behavior was due to his frustration in the Styrian race in general. As to his return, it is still under deliberation by team officials if the Spaniard will race for Yamaha in the British Grand Prix. 

Marc Marquez also chimed in on the matter stating that it is “logical” for Vinales to mount back up on the saddle of his M1 for the British Grand Prix happening this August. Marquez further stated that “Last weekend’s behavior didn’t look good to Yamaha,” and that he should finish the campaign as strongly as possible to avoid problems for his future endeavors. 

“He put himself in danger, but he did the right thing and the most logical thing is that at Silverstone he will be back on track with the Yamaha, and he will finish the season,” Marquez stated. 

Regardless of Viñales’ intentions and frustrations, Yamaha has still not yet announced the Spaniard’s return for Silverstone. 

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