Fans of classic rally motorcycles should definitely check this brand out. The brainchild of a Swiss graphic designer, Nicolas Vontobel, Rubberdust provides high-quality classic sticker kits to give a modern bike a classic rally racer spin.

Rubberdust was born from a love for rally machines. Vontobel has developed decal sets inspired by classic rally racers. He provides kits for adventure bikes from brands like BMW, Ducati, Honda, Husqvarna, KTM, Suzuki, Triumph, and Yamaha, which can all be ordered through

Each kit is specific to a certain model and comes with quality decals along with a paint set with instructions that will transform the look of your bike. Sticker sets need to be installed over the stock bodywork, but there are some designs that require very specific painting instructions for a high-quality and full look. Vontobel states on his website that the sticker sets are like original factory decals and are also resistant to heat. If you’re not quite liking the set, you can remove it—unless you’ve painted over the body panel, that is. Following that, all you’ll need to do is wait a full day for the stickers to fully adhere to the bike.

Rubberdust Decal Kits - BMW R1200 GS Dakar Replica

If you want a full Dakar livery for your BMW R1200 GS, Rubberdust has got you covered. There is a full set available that mimics the livery Gaston Rahier’s legendary race-winning R 80 G/S.

Are you a fan of Honda rally machines? I know some people that’ll love to have an Africa Twin, but what about one with a 1988 Dakar Africa Twin livery complete with sponsor logos? Honda’s Dakar Rally winner, five times in a row, is also available, and it looks fantastic with that classic Honda Racing Corporation (HRC) color combination of red, white, and blue. Either that or a Repsol livery to really hammer down the visibility on the road. With it, your bike will surely stand out.

Rubberdust Decal Kits -
Rubberdust Decal Kits - Honda Africa Twin Repsol

Even new models like the Aprilia Tuareg are up for consideration by Vontobel and may be made available with enough interest.

Speaking of being made available, while there are sticker sets that are ready to order from the shop, there is also a voting feature that will let Vontobel know if there is interest in a particular design. Also, do follow Rubberdust's Facebook page for the latest designs and concepts. 

While these sets aren’t the real deal, the execution looks to be top-notch, and the colors do resemble their classic rally counterparts. You can get yourself a sticker set for about €229 EUR to €250 EUR, or about $270 USD to $300 USD depending on the model and the scale of the sticker set. 

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