These days, motorcycles are less becoming mere modes of transportation, and more IOT devices loaded with tech designed to keep us connected no matter where we go. While the notion of being connected to your phone while you’re trying to enjoy a leisurely ride out of town may seem senseless to some, for others, it’s a necessity. Besides, you always have the option of deactivating these features, should you wish to do so.

Benelli is the latest to roll out some techie updates to its premium bikes, in Europe, that is. Catering to the younger, on-the-go generation of riders, the Italian company has launched the “MyBenelli” mobile application, downloadable on Android and iOS devices across Europe. This new mobile application is designed to elevate the rider’s overall motorcycle experience by providing them with a myriad of information pertaining to their machine, available on a real-time basis.

Benelli Leoncino

Upcoming iterations of Benelli’s 500cc-and-up models will come outfitted with a proprietary black box which is connected to the bike’s ECU. Capable of monitoring vital engine information, as well as location and driving data, the black box can then be tethered to the rider’s smartphone via Bluetooth technology. All information can subsequently be viewed via a user-friendly interface in Benelli’s “MyBenelli” mobile application.

The new system will be able to record all your trip data, monitor your real-time location, as well as bring a few nifty safety-oriented features to the table. For starters, you’ll be notified in the event that your motorcycle moves with its engine off—either indicating a tip-over, or potentially foiling an act of thievery on your beloved machine. On top of this, you’ll be able to monitor travel statistics such as travel time, average speed, fuel consumption, and frequently used routes. To make it even easier to stay on top of your maintenance, the “MyBenelli” app will be able to show your bike’s state of health in real time, as well as notify you when your bike is in need of maintenance or repairs.

Lastly, to tie everything into the whole IOT craze, the “MyBenelli” app integrates a social media aspect, allowing you to post images and status updates about your trips and adventures, and share them with members of the Benelli community via multiple social media platforms. The app also integrates access to Benelli’s official e-shop enabling you to browse the brand’s product catalogues, as well as remain up to date with all of the brand’s news, promotions, and product launches.

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