How’s your 2021 going so far? If you’re GasGas, you’ve been getting your United in Dirt tour under way. The GasGas team is taking its off-road lineup out to meet all kinds of riders who want to get dirty over the course of six planned stops across Europe. The first stop took place in Spain in May, 2021, which is where this video was recorded. 

From June 25 through 27, 2021, the tour will roll into France. After that, the plan is to head to the U.K., Germany, Belgium, and Italy over the course of the rest of the year, with full details of when and where to be announced. Riders of all ages and abilities are invited to attend, whether you already own a GasGas bike or not. The main thing is, you need to want to have fun and love the dirt.  

To get in on this action, GasGas is making a number of spaces available via contests held on its social media channels on Instagram and Facebook. It’s not clear how many spaces will be available, but you should get your entry in if you’re interested, because you never know! 

Gallery: GasGas United In Dirt Tour 2021

To enter, you can access the registration form on the GasGas website. However, that’s only the first part of contest entry. You’ll also need to post your own Instagram video showing off how you like to have fun on any dirt bike you like. Then, GasGas wants you to tag, follow, and use hashtags #UnitedInDirt and #GasGasTour to make your video easily searchable. If you win, GasGas will slide into your DMs to let you know. 

As with all events for the foreseeable future, local pandemic restrictions may result in changes to plans, or even cancellations. For United in Dirt and other events, following organizers to keep on top of the latest news is probably your best bet. This appears to be an invitation-only event, which probably has something to do with wanting to keep crowds small and manageable due to pandemic life. In any case, if you can’t attend, hopefully GasGas will continue to post its action-packed recap videos on its YouTube channel to show us how the stops go along the way.


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