The second wave of coronavirus infections has hit India particularly hard in recent months. The Asian tiger economy continues to face severe challenges due to the steadily increasing number of cases, as well as the thousands of unfortunate deaths on a daily basis. This comes amid the country's efforts towards mass vaccination and COVID-19 treatment initiatives.

As a result of the difficulties brought about by the virus, several motorcycle and automotive companies opted to allocate more resources towards their pandemic response. This resulted in the temporary shutdown of several companies which lasted for a period of around one to two weeks. On Saturday, Indian motorcycle giant announced that it would be resuming operations today, Monday, the 24th of May, albeit on a single-shift basis in select manufacturing facilities.

This is being done in order to keep up with the increasing demand for motorcycles, not just in India, but in other markets in which Hero MotoCorp serves as an OEM supplier. Gearing up towards a steady resumption of total business operations, Hero MotoCorp has already begun to employ single-shift production arrangements in its Haranya and Haridwar facilities. Furthermore, single-shift operations wil also start today in the company's Rajasthan, Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh factories. The company hopes to restore complete double-shift production arrangements once the COVID-19 situation begins to settle down.  

Hero MotoCorp also announced that the company's efforts towards the vaccination of its employees have been going well. At the moment, more than 90-percent of employees across the Hero MotoCorp group of companies aged 45 years and above have already been inoculated. Furthermore, vaccination initiatives to cover the remainder of the workforce are already underway. The company recently partnered up with the District Administration of Gurugram in order to set up a 100-bed COVID-19 care facility, in order to help alleviate the pandemic situation in its locale. 

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