Whenever we mention twenty-eight-time trials world champion Toni Bou here, it’s usually to show you some new, amazing video that he’s done, like this one from April, 2021. Bou also had one of the best approaches to lockdown we’ve seen as well, and one that’s undoubtedly still inspiring a year later. Today, though, it’s not a new video we’re here to talk about.  

On May 5, 2021, Bou announced that he’d undergone surgery to repair a broken fibula bone in his leg, sustained in a training accident. Doctors at the Mi Tres Torres Clinic performed a surgery that included “osteosynthesis with a fibula plate in the left leg,” according to the official release. Osteosynthesis is when a broken bone requires other elements such as screws, wire, or plates to hold it together and aid in the healing process.  

This urgent surgery, doctors said, would prevent Bou from needing a long period of convalescence. Doctors Josep Torrent and Maurise Saur from iMove Traumatology performed the surgery, under the supervision of team doctor Joaquim Terricabras. Just one hour after the procedure was complete, Dr. Terricabras declared that the surgery had been successful, and Bou could now move into his post-operative phase, which should last around 10 days.  


Within three weeks, doctors estimate that Bou should be able to get back on the bike to resume training. That’s good news for his 2021 trials world championship season hopes, for sure. The opening event for the year is currently scheduled to take place from June 12 through 13, 2021 in Tolmezzo, Italy.  

As long as everything with Bou’s recovery goes according to plan, he should be recovered, rested, and ready to participate in the season opener. We wish him all the best for a speedy and complete recovery, because being off the bike due to injury is the worst.  

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