CFMoto has seen massive success in Asia, Europe, and Australia thanks to its decent lineup of motorcycles which are priced extremely competitively. On paper, its bikes stack up nicely against those of Japanese middleweight machines, however, when it comes to price, CFMoto's bikes fetch far less money than those of its competitors. The result? Lots of beginner riders choose CFMoto motorcycles as their first bikes. 

In Australia, the CFMoto 650NK is one of the most powerful Learner Approved Motorcycle Scheme (LAMS) bike in the market. In the Asian market, it also serves as one of the most affordable 650-class middleweight motorcycles. Now, depending on where in the world you're based, the 649cc parallel-twin engine found on the 650 NK produces anywhere between 55 to 65 horsepower, and retails at the ballpark of just $5,100 USD. When compared to the other bikes in the 650 class, it's clear to see that the 650 NK is lacking in terms of tech features. Equipped with rudimentary components, its barebones construction is forgivable due to its low price.

CFMoto Unveils Brand New 650 NK SP


However, CFMoto has recently launched a premium iteration of this bike in the form of the 650 NK SP. Initially making its debut in the Australian market, CFMoto has fitted the bike with loads of tech features which now puts it on par with the Japanese competition. For starters, it gets a new five-inch full-color TFT instrument panel. On top of that, it gets an on-the-fly map selector between sport and eco modes, all of which ca be toggled via premium backlit controls. The bike's bodywork has also received a minor makeover, with the KISKA-designed machine employing a slimmer and leaner aesthetic. 

The engine also receives a few updates in the form of a new exhaust system and an updated Bosch EFI system. This now makes the bike Euro 5-compliant, which could be indicative of the 650 NK SP making its way to the European market sometime soon. The six-speed transmission has also been revised to include an assist-slipper clutch, allowing the rider to make smoother downshifts, especially during more spirited rides. 

CFMoto Unveils Brand New 650 NK SP

Perhaps the best part of it all is the price. The new CFMoto 650 NK SP retails at just $7,790 AUD, or the equivalent of $5,956 USD. To sweeten the deal even further, CFMoto Australia is offering the bike with an industry-leading three-year, unlimited kilometer warranty. This just goes to show how confident CFMoto is when it comes to the quality and reliability of its machines. At present, CFMoto's North American presence is limited to their ATVs and UTVs, with their two-wheelers having yet make their debut. Would you like to see CFMoto's motorcycles enter the U.S. market?

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