In February, 2021, we first heard the great news that World Supersport champ Ana Carrasco was cleared to get back on the bike after a spinal injury in 2020. Throughout this entire process, though, Carrasco hasn’t been alone. As of March, 2021, her former aid Carla Grau Pi will be Provec Racing’s team manager. 

As Provec Racing WSSP300’s team manager, Carla Grau Pi is currently the only female team manager in the World Superbike paddock. She herself has been riding motorcycles since she was five years of age, in addition to being a former Spanish champion Alpine skier and ski instructor. Originally from Bellaterra, Spain, Grau Pi is working toward completion of a Sports Management course at Ramon Llull University in Barcelona. At just 22 years of age, Grau Pi represents the future-facing nature of the World Supersport 300 series.  

“I am very happy with this opportunity that Provec Racing and Kawasaki are giving me and to continue being part of this project for the coming year. The team is back after not being able to complete 2020 due to Ana’s injury, and we are eager and excited to be able to help her as much as possible to achieve good results in 2021,” Grau Pi said in a statement. 

“I am delighted to continue working and learning from this group of professionals who have so much experience in the WorldSBK Championship, and we are all looking forward to the start of the season,” she concluded. 

“Carla is eager to learn and she has so much experience to call on inside the pitbox and also amongst all the Provec staff,” Provec KRT World Superbike team manager Guim Roda said in a statement. 

“Of course, our goal is to regain the WWSP300 title with Ana Carrasco, and the whole Provec structure is focused on this. We wish Carla success and hope this appointment will be seen as another positive step for women in the WorldSBK paddock,” he concluded. 

He’s not the only one, and we look forward to seeing one of our favorite motorsport series continue its excitement and growth in the coming seasons.  

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