Harley-Davidson has been known to cultivate an outlaw image. From the Hells Angels to the Sons of Anarchy, the Motor Company has sold millions of units due to that rough and tumble reputation. Unfortunately, the outlaw image came home to roost when burglars broke into an Indiana Harley-Davidson dealership and stole four motorcycles off the showroom floor.

The theft occurred at the Kokomo Harley-Davidson in Kokomo, Indiana, on March 18, 2021. At 3:22 am, surveillance video showed the thieves rolling three 2021 Street Glide Specials and one 2020 Street Glide Special right out of the dealership’s front door. The footage also captured the group’s organized movements, with one member unlocking the entrance while the three others quickly pick out their new Hog. Police reported that each burglar donned "concealable clothing and motorcycle helmets", foiling attempts to identify them.

We’re by no means investigators, but the theft seems extremely suspicious to us. For instance, how were the culprits able to enter the establishment without tripping alarms? Also, dealership front doors typically require a key to open from the inside. Were the burglars able to nab a set of keys within the dealership?

As for the motorcycles, all modern Harley-Davidson Touring models use a key FOB instead of a mechanical key. Some dealerships zip tie the digital keys to the brake or clutch lever during test rides. Were the Street Glides a part of the Kokomo Harley-Davidson's test fleet? If not, how did the thieves source the key FOBs to start the motorcycles? We should also note that key FOBs aren’t always needed to start a Harley.

In the event that a rider loses their key, Hogs also accept an electronic security pin to turn on the motorcycle. The factory default pin has historically been 31313. If the burglars were able to crack the code on the four Street Glides, they could have started them that way.

Regardless of the thieves’ methods, the four motorcycles were worth over $95,000. Authorities are asking anyone with information to contact the Kokomo Police Department. Yes, Harely-Davidson has been known for its outlaw image, but hopefully, the KPD and Kokomo dealership can bring these outlaws to justice.

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