Motorcyclists like to stand out from the crowd. Aside from that individualistic attitude, the additional visibility also has its safety benefits. Icon’s eye-catching designs deliver on both accounts. For 2021, the brand’s new gear ups the ante with gnarly graphics and protective materials.

Starting with Icon’s helmets, the Airframe Pro, Airflite, and Airform return to the range with new finishes. The Airframe Pro gains a Beastie Bunny graphic while the Airform follows suit with monstrous Manik’r artwork. The Airform also comes in graphics saluting the military but the Airflite takes a much different approach. With new classifications like the Ultrabolt, Jewel, and Crosslink, Icon creates an entry and premium option for one of its most popular helmets.

Every helmet in the lineup meets DOT, ECE, and PSC (Japan) helmet safety standards. They also feature Icon’s fog-free shield, Hydradry wicking liner, and Prolock visor system. The Airflite and Airform shells are polycarbonate while the Airframe Pro earns a composite fiberglass exterior. The flagship helmet retails for $390. The Airflite starts at $295 and the Airform comes in with an ultra-affordable $225 sticker price.

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Moving over to the clothing department, Icon offers three riding jackets that suit various conditions and applications. The Synthhawk delivers the protection of leather at half the weight. Chest, cuff, and back vents also provide more airflow than leather. Conversely, the Airform jacket protects from light showers with a WP 1 rating and the hood can be stowed away to reduce drag. In warmer weather, the AirFly mesh center vent amplifies airflow with four other zippered vents.

The Hooligan Ultrabolt is the only hoodless option of the bunch and the 300D polyester material is both lightweight and durable. Perforations throughout provide ample ventilation and an adjustable waist strap helps tailor the fit. All jackets come with D3O armor at the back, shoulder, and elbows. The Synthhawk comes in at $295, Airform jacket variants (Retro, Battlescar, and Standard) cost $220, and the Hooligan Ultrabolt retails for $175.

For the hands, Icon’s Airform gloves provide comfort and protection with D3O inserts at the knuckles. The Stormhawk is an aptly named three-season glove developed to take on soggy weather and the Hooligan gloves are meant for full senders. All affordable options, the Stormhawk will run customers $65, the Airform’s MSRP is $50, and the Hooligan is a bargain at $30.

Of course, you’re going to need a set of waterproof boots if you’re going to ride in the rain and Icon makes a Stormhawk boot as well. Premium leather with a waterproof finish and a breathable/waterproof liner help keep the wet out. A BOA lacing system ensures fit and D3O inserts at the ankle provide support and protection. Should the ride get even more rough and rugged, the Elsinore2 boot offers full coverage with a shin plate and D3O padding. The Stormhawk and Elsinore2 boots both lighten the wallet by $185.

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