Most of the off-road rides I've been on have involved mostly easy to moderate dirt sections with a couple of short tricky bits. Not Moto Muppets, though. They enjoy what they call "hard enduro," which means all tricky bits, all the time. Not to be confused with a form of racing that takes the same name, this form of riding more closely resembles Jeep rock crawling than motorcycling.

This particular video takes place at an area Moto Muppets calls Jarvis Creek, so named because instead of dirt, it's a dry rocky riverbed. Normally knobby tires are the off-road weapon of choice, but rocks are more like pavement than dirt, and their off-road traction advantage disappears. This group seems to revel in the challenge. Just about everyone is off their bikes at times, helping each other get through each obstacle one at a time. Such limited traction, plus no space to gather speed and momentum, means that drops are frequent but not serious. In fact, their laughter as they tackle these obstacles and fail is rather infectious.

Times like this are when riding in a group is a huge advantage. Sometimes three or four people will pick up a stuck bike and place it where it needs to be to advance to the next obstacle. As the Jeepers do, people will walk up the trail and spot for the rider attempting the challenge, pointing to where they should aim their bikes to go. This is only a suggestion, though. They frequently get bounced off course, or sometimes end up stuck where they can only spin their back tire uselessly. There's no sense of urgency here, just a bunch of experienced dirt riders out having a good time.

The final challenge is back on dirt, but it's a rather steep hill. Although the riders are finally able to build up some speed and momentum before ascending, none of the riders shown actually make it to the top in one try. Yet again, that's ok. They're in it for the fun, and it's clear they're having a ton of it as they attempt, and often fail, these challenges. Fun is what motorcycling is all about, so even though these guys frequently fail, it's all good.

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